We Need The Right Skills To Pursue Our Dream

There are young people who are passionate to study acting, music, art and other skills being told they should not pursue their dream least they fail in life. They are instead told that they must choose an easy and proven path, in which they are more likely to attain a job. Is that true?

The vision of our country lies in the hands of our youth. It is so important to empower our youth with ample opportunities to exercise their talent. Malaysia would become a brighter place with talented young people as we believe that a balance between academic and practical life skills would help youth to become better citizens of tomorrow.

“ Youth is the age of DISCOVERY and DREAMS. It’s our calling to provide them with proper environment for getting equipped with the knowledge and employability skills.” - Datuk Dr. Pang Chau Leong, Director General, Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources Malaysia

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Follow Your Passion

My name is Ruqaiyah Binti Azahari. I am 21 years old from Kuala Pilah. I work as a Tutor at Pusat Giatmara Titiwangsa specialising in Menswear and Jacket.

I really like sewing and I love to tinker around with the sewing machine. When I was 15, a family friend advised me to take up a sewing course at the GiatMara Centre near my home as it would enable me to take sewing orders and earn a living.

Over time, I was encouraged to participate in many competitions. In 2012, I was selected and won the bronze medal at the ASEAN Skills Competition in Jakarta. I also won second prize at the Global Skills Challenge in Australia and was a recipient of the Medallion for Excellence at the WorldSkills Competition 2014 in Germany.

My advice to teenagers, if you are not interested in academic subjects, I guess it’s better to join technical education and vocational training because for me, you have nothing to lose. With proper skills training and certification, we can do all sorts of things and maybe one day have our very own business.

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Aimless to AMBITIOUS

My name is Ong Hang Yee, I am 29 years old from Raub, Pahang. I am the youngest out of 8 siblings. I was an average student while studying in school. My parent never placed any high expectations towards me.

My sister recommended a spa therapist programme to me. I just thought of trying it out without expecting much. I got into Beaubelle Academy and realised it was rather professional. The teachers were earnest and the learning environment was good.

After three months of training in Beaubelle Academy, they hooked up me with an interview with the Majestic Spa Village. This job gave me a huge chance to change the quality of my life, to improve my working environment, to meet and serve various clients, and for me to be more specialised in my career. I believe that it gives me much hope and opportunity that one day I too will be able to start my own spa business.

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